Our Videos: Things to know about baby care

Soft baby skin is particularly sensitive and needs lots of attention and special care. Whether it's about cleansing, care or diapering: In our videos professional midwife Maren shares interesting details about the needs of sensitive baby skin and shows what you can do to make your daily care routine a relaxing experience for you and your baby.


Baby bath from head to toe

A relaxing bath is the best way to clean baby's delicate skin gently and thoroughly. In this video, professional midwife Maren shows what to watch out for when washing your little one from head to toe and explains how to make bath time especially comfortable for your baby with the right atmosphere and temperature.

The difference between bathing babies and young children

For babies, a warm bath with the right care is a relaxing experience that reminds them of the safe feeling of the womb. For young children, bath time is all about fun and splashing around. See in our video how the bathing routine changes when your baby becomes a child.


The right care for sensitive baby skin

Compared to adult skin, baby skin lacks important protective functions and dries out easily. Especially in the first year, baby's sensitive skin is vulnerable to inflammations and therefore requires special care. In our video, professional midwife Maren explains which protection and care is the best for sensitive baby skin and the well-being of your little one.

A relaxing baby massage

A relaxing baby massage soothes your baby and strengthens the bond between the two of you. In the video, professional midwife Maren shows how a baby massage works and how you can give your little one lots affection through the skin contact.

The perfect evening routine

A daily routine helps babys to feel safe and secure. Consistent evening rituals with the right care will make going to bed a relaxing way to end the day for you and your little one. In this video, professional midwife Maren shows what an evening routine can look like and which rituals will help your baby relax before bedtime.

Diaper Change

What's important for diapering?

In the first two years, babies and their parents spend a lot of time at the diaper-changing table. In our video, midwife Maren shows how to prepare your changing table and what to always have within reach in order to make your daily diapering routine as easy and relaxed for you and your baby.

What to do with sore skin on babys bottom

Ouch, that hurts! Sore skin on baby's bottom can occur every now and then and is nothing unusual. Our video shows how to cure sore skin and prevent inflammation with the right protection and care.

What should be in your diaper bag?

When out and about, parents need to be prepared for all eventualities when it comes to the well-being of their baby. But what items are really essential and should always be in your diaper bag for short and long trips? Find out in our video.