Special care for mum’s special needs

Pregnancy is a very special time. Everything changes, not only in the womb, but also inside your head. But sometimes pregnancy can also be hard work! In the middle of all the excitement and thoughts about your baby, it’s important that you think of yourself, too. Don’t forget to pamper yourself from time to time. A little extra care here and there can work wonders and can help to prevent stretch marks.

 Care Tips for Mums
 mama Care Tips
During pregnancy

Stretch marks are small fissures in the connective tissue – they develop when the skin is stretched strongly in a short period of time. To help the skin to cope with the stresses of pregnancy, here are some tips for you. These tips can help you to prevent stretch marks from the beginning:

  • Regular massages with our Anti Stretch Mark Oil or Cream improve skin’s elasticity and firmness.
  • The skin on the abdomen is subject to the biggest stress. Stretching can lead to tightness and itching. A cool shower can help! And then? Don’t forget to pamper yourself! Regular massages with our Anti Stretch Mark Oil or Cream improve skin’s elasticity and increase its suppleness.
  • Try not to gain weight too quickly. The wider the body, the more the skin is stretched. But please don’t go on a diet while pregnant.
  • Eating balanced and nutritious meals can support the connective tissue.
  • Gentle forms of exercise such as yoga or swimming stimulate the circulation and protect the tissue.

After giving birth

To feel fit again after having a baby, you need to have patience. You body needs time to regenerate - about as long as the pregnancy itself. But stay confident: With a balanced programme of healthy diet, massages and exercise you will regain you figure!

Gentle massages help the tissue to regenerate, they stimulate the blood flow, the skin metabolism and the immune system.

Do you have pregnancy-related stretch marks? That’s a pity, but no big deal. Our highly effective Stretch Mark Fader has proven results and significantly improves the appearance of your skin.


For the best effect, start with the kneading massage no later than the third month of pregnancy. In the last month before your due date, we recommend just massaging your tummy gently with sanosan Anti Stretch Mark Oil or Cream without kneading it. The kneading massage should ideally be done twice a day. Are you prone to premature contractions? Then you should not massage your tummy. If you are not sure, ask your midwife or doctor.

  • Warm up sanosan sanosan Anti Stretch Mark Oil or Cream in your hands and spread it over your tummy.
  • Place your hands parallel to one another on your tummy and slide your fingertips gently upwards towards the belly button and then to the sides of the stomach.
  • For the kneading technique, grasp small roles of skin between your thumb and index finger and gently pull upwards. The more advanced the pregnancy, the smaller the skin rolls should be.
  • Always massage from the outside area of the stomach towards the belly button. Work the entire area section by section. Do not massage the skin around the pubic bone to avoid irritating the womb. The massage should feel pleasant and should not hurt.

The skin of your breasts also stretches a lot during pregnancy. We recommend caring for it with sanosan Anti Stretch Mark Oil. Massage your breasts with oil using circular spiral movements from the outside to the middle of the breast. Do not apply to your nipples.


You should also include your hips, bottom and thighs in your daily massage. After giving birth, massages help the tissue to recover.