Care Oil 200ml
Care Oil 200ml

Care Oil 200ml

pure+sensitive – from birth onwards

skin-friendly care oil for gentle cleansing and care for sensitive and allergy-prone skin

clinically tested

In the first year of life, baby's skin requires special care and protection. Baby care products help to support the protective function of the skin which has not yet fully developed. Less is more when caring for sensitive skin that is prone to allergies. This is why sanosan pure+sensitive formulas have been especially developed for this type of baby skin and have been tested by ECARF (European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation). ECARF cooperates in terms of tests and studies with the famous university hospital Charité in Berlin. Anything that could irritate baby‘s sensitive skin has been avoided.

sanosan Care Oil with high-quality sunflower and olive oils is particularly gentle to baby‘s skin. It can be used for cleansing in the diaper area, for skin care or for massages. Thanks to the combination of the formulation with the carefully selected, natural ingredients such as bisabolol and vitamin E, it soothes baby skin, keeping it soft and supple.

no colourants and preservatives* ? no perfume ? no parabens and silicones ? no paraffin oil


sanosan pure+sensitive products bear the ECARF seal that has been awarded to allergy-friendly products since 2006. Products that bear the seal are suitable for people with allergies and intolerances.

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For care: Apply the Care oil to damp skin af ter showering or bathing and massage in.

For cleansing: Put some Care Oil on a cotton wool pad and use it to gently clean the baby‘s skin.

For massage: Warm a few drops of Care Oil in your hands and spread it using smooth movements on the baby‘s skin.

Product formulas are subject to modification. The information provided here refers to the current range and is updated on a regular basis. In the event of alterations to formulas, products with the old as well as the new formula can both be found in stores. Therefore, the buyer should always carefully read all the information on the packaging. This particularly applies to the list of ingredients as regards intolerabilities.

*according to EU-regulation 1223/2009 on cosmetic products.

sanosan Care Oil can also be used for gentle baby massage

You can find more information on baby care in our FAQs

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